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PVC traffic cone material 

Cone surface application of reflective materials: PVC reflective sleeve features:

1, has good flexibility, anti-car rolling, hard object impact will not be damaged. 

2, with antisun, not afraid of wind and rain, heat, cold, no cracks, no discoloration, etc.. 

3, white and red colors visible in the evening can reflect dazzling light to drivers at a glance. Uses: Used in the city of freeways maintenance, hotel, residential, sports venues, roads and dangerous areas and construction sites, etc.














Small Boss Manufacture Brief Introduction


Tongxiang SmallBoss Special Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive hi-tech enterprise established in 1992 specializing in the research and development, production and sale of environmental friendly products soft PVC granules.
Small Boss soft PVC granules specification


Small Boss soft PVC granules advantage
Non-toxic & Environmental protection
Lead free, No Phthalates
High transparency & bright color
Good weather-proof, no colour fading after long time.
Customized formulas according to customer’s specification, machine, weather & market.
Medical & food grade
High transparency& bright color
Non-peculiar smell  
Excellent thermostability
Good insulating property
Resistant against acids, alkalis, grease and organic solvents.
Low smoke
High transparency & bright color 


Small Boss soft PVC granules Application
Shoes ---for rain boots, sandal & sports shoes sole
Hose ----garden hose, corrugated hose, milk tube, gas burner tube,medical tube
Cable-Insulation and Jacket wire and cable
PVC granules for car mat, carpet & traffic cone
Refrigerator door gasket& intumescent fire seal 
25kg/bag 20ft container could load around 23tons.
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